Friday, February 17, 2012

Days and days

Kuva Hanhensulka 2012, A sun sets in St. Kilda.

February 17 was like any other day, only different.

Obviously, Dear Reader, there are dates in ones life that are more important than some others. This one is used to mark the passing of one lifetime. One tries to ignore it as much as possible.

It was easy when there was a cushion of parents to rely on. Funny thing is that even at a mature age, as long as they are there, one is still a child, well, to a certain extent at least, feeling protected against one's fate.

Of course, the fate always wins at the end.

Fortunately for the individual, they will not know about it, since life is without a start or the end. For the person, there is no birth nor death, only the existence and its opposite, which we will never know, in person.

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Ripsa said...

I usually say: leife takes it's course.

Most things that direct us, and especially when we're young, are accidents. One never knows what's behind the corner.

Curiosity might be the biggest single factor of keeping us alive. Although there is a saying in English: Curiosity killed the cat. I've always doubted that, especially after living with cats all my life.

Gave morning treat to Lidia. She has a small tiny tongue, which is so very soft. She wants the treat crunchies given on the hand, cupped. She loves us without any hinders.

It's hard to say it about people. Many people.